Fanatic International

Fanatic is a manufacturer and international distributor of a wide range of quality boards for watersports. These include rigid and inflatable stand up paddle boards, surf boards, kiteboards, and accessories for watersports. We support both pros and amateurs in fulfilling their dreams and desires on the water and in the air. The limits are defined by every individual's skills and passions. We provide you with the hardware to find and exceed your own limits.

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing Watersport on the planet. Fanatic’s supplies a full and versatile range of boards and our commitment to excellence and exclusive CAD-shaping system has produced a complete line of boards to bring a smile to the face of any level of SUPer.

Thanks to our CAD-design program and over 30-yrs of experience in the performance windsurfing market, Fanatic has been at the forefront of SUP and creating shapes to slice through liquid like like nobody else on this planet.

The modern sport of SUP’ing has its origin in Hawaiian Surfers who had to paddle to outside reefs. During the last years SUP’ing developed to a leisure and family sport. Fanatic made boards are a key player in Stand Up Paddle Surfing and Distance Stand Up Paddling being the two main segments of this sport.

Fanatic is also a world leader in Wind Surfing Boards and Kiteboarding boards. Kiteboarding is an exhilarating extreme sport which, attracts a wide variety of audiences and participants thanks to its diversity, dynamics and accessibillity. A sport that has managed to set exiting new trends in the watersports world.

All Fanatic board products are developed, tested and only brought to the market if approved by our internal team and external pro-riders. Based on a deep understanding of the end-consumers’ and retail partners' needs, Boards & More is working permanently on being a good and reliable partner.

To find out more about our full product range and becoming a partner in the world of watersport, please send us an interest now and we will get straight back to you.