Hewlett Packard

HP is a technology company offering a portfolio of leading products, services and solutions with customers worldwide. Our biggest business customer base is our channel. And with over more than 30 years of channel experience, HP manages deeper, stronger partner relationships that result in mutual profitable growth. We see our channel as integral to our HP DNA, and our partners as an extension of HP. Become an HP partner and experience the difference it makes yourself.

HP is the IT vendor of choice, offering award-winning partner programs, world-class technology and brand leadership that drive profitable growth for channel partners worldwide. As an HP partner gain a competitive advantage through:

HP Partner Programs
HP partner programs are designed to help partners better serve their customers and gain a competitive edge in today’s market. Channel partners benefit from:

Joint strategic planning to develop ways to differentiate our partner and HP, increasing the chances for a successful sale.
Greater collaboration and communication with partner tailored programs to ease doing business with HP and sell HP successfully in the market.
Demand generation and co-marketing with partners
Training and certification that enables partners to to build skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the latest business technology solutions, better serve their customers and stand out from the competition.
Incentives and opportunities that reward partner firms for demonstrating their commitment to driving mutual success. This includes financial rewards, executive recognition and awareness within HP sales, which can help firms increase visibility and the likelihood they will be included in customer engagements.

HP’s Product Portfolio
HP helps partners differentiate themselves and drive profitable growth through industry-leading HP technology solutions.

Innovative IT - HP designs products and services to address emerging market needs, allowing partners to get in front of client demands—and the competition.
HP is number one in market share for the following categories: blade servers; x86-based servers; Unix + Linux + Windows Servers; disk storage systems; distributed automated software quality; distributed system management software; inkjet printers; laser printers and notebooks.
HP holds the number two spot in the following categories: branded tape drives; SAN systems; IT project and portfolio management software; software support and training services; IT and business services; Ethernet switches workstations and desktops.
Technological know-how – HP brings detailed technical knowledge and deep experience to bear in our partner engagements, allowing channel members to elevate what their firms deliver.
Specialized solutions – HP identifies the right partners for specialized needs, jointly work to generate demand and then collaborate to customize a solution.

HP offers access to a product and service portfolio of unmatched breadth and depth. HP is recognized for the best and broadest portfolio of products and services in the IT industry.

We are the world’s leading imaging and printing supplier
HP is the leading provider of personal systems, shipping over 48 million notebooks, handheld devices, desktops, thin clients, workstations, gaming and digital entertainment solutions.
HP is focused on building technology solutions for better business outcomes to help our customers accelerate business growth, lower costs and mitigate risks.

The HP Brand
The HP brand is well-recognized and respected worldwide. Channel partners can be confident when delivering HP products and solutions, thanks to our brand leadership. HP has:

A reputation for quality and reliability, delivering investment protection. HP is the industry benchmark in terms of reliability. Consider that HP products support 95% of all securities transactions and 75% of all electronics transfers, power 106 of the world’s 120 stock exchanges and secure two out of every three credit card transactions.
Integrity in managing partner relationships. “We can help you do that.” It’s our simple brand promise but also a profound statement of beliefs. HP has built our brand and business on adherence to the highest standards of conduct. Treating all partners in a consistent and fair manner is an important part of this legacy and contributes to the values that make HP an ideal company to partner with.
Demonstrated commitment to improving the communities where we operate. The HP legacy has always included giving back to the world by investing in the communities we’re in. In 2008, HP invested more than $19.9 million to support innovation in education and has contributed more than $250 million since 2000.
Proven environmental leadership that offers assurance and enhances our partners’ profiles. HP has been a leader in environmental sustainability for decades. HP is responding to environmental challenges with practical solutions that help us, our partners and our customers conserve resources and minimize impact while saving money and increasing productivity.

The HP Brand is a strategic and financial asset—to HP and the partners we work with. According to the 2008 ranking of the “Top 100 Most Valuable Brands” by Millward Brown Optimor, HP’s brand value is $29.27 billion. For end customers, the HP brand means a comprehensive end-to-end IT services portfolio, delivered globally, with solutions based on market-leading technology and innovation.

HP Partner Engagement
HP approach is based on a simple promise; We help channel partners be more productive by making our engagements simple, predictable and consistent. To achieve this HP is constantly improving:

Efficient business processes - Partners should be free to focus on selling to end customers, not tracking down details or trying to understand where something is in the system.
Business controls –The more streamlined the interactions, the less time either HP or our partners have to spend on activities that aren’t directly related to serving customers.
Instant Support – Offering sophisticated web-based support systems, including Online Diagnostic Tools and Active Chat, resolve issues as quickly as possible.
Compliance – Helping partners reduce risks and avoid unnecessary costs that can arise from noncompliant behavior enables our mutual success.
Standard contracts - HP is moving to simple, straightforward partner contracts that are written in everyday business language as part of our contract process. Standard contracts are easy to understand, easy to follow, and remove a potential hurdle to partner success.