Wholesalers are usually independent companies or businesses that buy and resell large quantities of products from one or more supplier.

Wholesalers typically purchase stock at very low prices because they order in large quantities. Usually wholesalers resell stock at wholesale pricing to resellers, retailers, distributors and other wholesalers.

A wholesaler will also usually resell the goods in smaller quantities to retailers and resellers at low cost compared to recommended retail price. 

Wholesalers generally operate from warehouses where they can store goods in bulk quantities. Historically wholesalers were nearer the point of sale than the point manufacturer. However with internet trading and trade networks such as www.the-reseller-network.com there are a growing number of wholesalers and distributors in Asia where many goods are manufactured.

A wholesaler will generally buy goods from suppliers at the beginning of the supply chain such as manufacturers and resell to distributors and retailers, although some may also supply to consumers. 

Wholesalers will generally specialise in one industry supplying many different products in different categories from single or multiple suppliers.

A wholesale supplier may also be the Brand owner or manufacturer supplying to distributors, resellers and retailers directly in bulk at wholesale pricing.

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